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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  January 7, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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here comes the next one. a good fetch of moisture. we're on the squeeze play right now. as we have gone through the evening. we have seen the development of the snow showers that you were showing us live. they have become more widespread. seeing deeper bands. so your future cast the blue is the snow. will be around over night. it will be in and out. will be light. it will still be there. when you wake up in the morning. and with that in mind i want to give you a sneak peek at the accumulation. one to 3 inches. when you wake up. that is not the final total. i will get to the final total. and as i told you earlier, i expect it to change.
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>> that's pretty much the story. throughout the night. coming and going. we started off in confer. made our way back here. to lone tree. and we have seen snow. here's the thing. it's really not sticking to the roads. just yet. that's the important word yet. it could be completely different story. when you do wake up tomorrow. now the biggest factor impacting drivers right now. that's the fog. really dense fog. patches of it. we drove by the centennial airport. we couldn't see the run way. that fog was so thick. >> >> >> with the snow inconvenient timing. you can depend on the good day colorado team to help you during your morning drive. >> . a family demanding change in a
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after several reports of bullying. >> >> sometimes we come home crying. with the bullying. >> she goes to high point academy in aurora. it's a charter school. grace's mom fought to get her into. now. they're fighting to get her out. >> i'm livid. >> she came home with bruises all over her arm. from an incident on the playground. the school is still investigating whether the marks are from a bully. but she says at least 3 other times so far this school year, her daughter has been a sreublgt at school. >> the more they see you getting hurt by the words.
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>> . her mom says it's the schools responsibility. to stop it. before it starts. >> this statement. >> >> the family has decided to pull grace out of this school. they're hoping to get her into a denver public school. but if there isn't room she'll
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>> arrested in a small town in alabama earlier today. investigators say the 16 year-old girl is safe tonight. arrest documents say fetcher drank with the girl. bought her cigarettes and sexually assaulted her. >> . a denver fugitive accused of robbing banks. few photographs mason posted on facebook. before the fb, put him on the ten most wanted list. the fbi says he hasn't posted anything new in a while. which isn't much help. in the nationwide search. police say mason and two others who have been caught robbed at least two banks in lake wood last fall. there's a one hundred thousand dollar reward for masons arrest.
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it's complicated. part of the state plan to expand i 70. in order for c-dot to do that. the city has to flood proof the entire area. it could be easy a couple blocks away it's a different story. >> . they along with dozens of others say their houses could be torn down. if one of the storm water drainage plants becomes a reality. >> i think about the amount of building ands homes. of people they would have to destroy. and how much it will change the area. >> the goal of the project is to provide flood protection. to hundreds of homes.
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that are vulnerable to flooding. >> the city says it will decide between two sights for a storm water retention pond. a temporary place for storm water. >> . the other puts it in a city park golf course. >> . >> it's going to kick people out. is it worth it. >> . the city says it will make a final decision. in february. it is asking for public input at several neighborhood meet -lgs meetings this month. for more information go to
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>> the dow lost largest just 29 minutes into the friday session. 401 k may have taken a hit. at least there's power ball. nobody won last night. the jackpot is no up to 7
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and dia showing their team spirit. the flight boards a new orange and blue color scheme. letting all fliers know welcome to broncos country. >> . beginning this week. passengers will hear a new voice on the airport trains. >> . >> the big news of course out of the broncos headquarters. the announcement of the starting quarter back. >> peyton manning will lead the way. >> . nor on the change from brock. to manning. >> . gary saying this morning this is the best move for the team. he says peyton manning has come a long way physically. the quarter back says his foot is doing just fine. it's a crazy season.
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>> the next chapter, has manning back as a starter. going into the play offs. with it possibly being his last run in denver. >> i'm excited to be thinking about who we're going to play. this weekend. and have the opportunity to help to contribute in some way. >> number 18 is back in action. number 17 is back as the back up. >> brock has done a great job. to help us be in the position to have a buy. >> i can't speak for him. but all of them want to play. he's been great. awesome for the team. this team knows they can count
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>> . support. one hundred percent. at the end of the day i care about this football team. >> that team, agrees. it's not just about one guy. >> it's more for you. we could care less. >> the games we have won have us wins. whatever you want to call it. everybody that has done their part. >> >> the broncos are still waiting to find out who they'll play. a week from sunday. either the chiefs. texas or steelers. we'll talk about that. a little later in sports. >> . one really you should worry about. it's not pittsburg. >> . if brock is smart. he gets it. >> . the bottom line is, you ride with the shall have. >> sheriff.
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you can't have a future hall of famer on the bench. >> take notes and learn from him. >> maybe it's his team next year. >> . women can show the spirit on the inside now. with some broncos bloomers. >> . these aren't exactly granny panties.
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>> you'll have to order all right. pinpoint weather we go. we have snow. under way. i want to let you know that the winter storm warnings for the southern mountains are still there. you can see it shaded here. and we do for the front range. there it is. including metro denver. northern foothills. southern foothills and the points down to the palmer divide. that is your winter weather advisory. we'll be dealing with slick roads. late tonight. and especially early tomorrow. and your evening commute doesn't look good. it's about the snow and the cold coming with it. we have your forecast snow totals in a second. there it is. we're seeing the snow. becoming a little more widespread. up and down the front range. in denver there are some spots on the south and west side. you had snow. it's let up. it won't be that way. we'll see the radar fill in. for the rest of the night. normally we see the city skyline out here in the live shot. but we have such low clouds and fog. and poor visibility. that we can't even see it. we're at 32 and 30.
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and that's why we're not able to see downtown. just above freezing or at freezing on the west side. you go the east side of town just now slipping. below the freezing mark. across the rest of the front range. check it out. most places now at or below freezing. so the colder air coming in to play. obviously with over night lows. down into the teens and low 20s. roads will be a factor. let's jump boo into it. future cast. the blue is snow. coming together over the metro area. expanding down i 25. that's what you wake up to. then a good shot of snow here in southeast colorado. as we don't through the afternoon. and the mountains will continue to see on and off snow showers. >> we'll start in the mountains. one to 4 inches over the northern mountains. southern mountains and
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>> . noon 4. before it breaks up and ends. >> we're going to keep you in the 49 to 6. i mentioned earlier i was thinking about tweaking the numbers. the reason. storms going further south. i'm going with about a two to 3 inch up and down the front
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>> you'll wake up to about a little more than half aof that in the morning. and add another inch or two. to get to the final totals. my forecast. 20 degrees. within denver. again you saw the higher totals. this is denver. one to two inches over night. then we'll add to that. with the snow ending. not until late in the day. the roads will stay icy at 25. flurry possible. on saturday. but really it's about the cold. 23. 27 on sunday. monday looks okay. but we're below freezing. and then tuesday wednesday and thursday.
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get up. i'll tell you this in the morning. set an extra half hour on the alarm. if the snow on the south side is deep enough. there could be delays. be prepared for that. >> . a mating ritual. exposed.
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it's official. we all need to cut back on sugar in our diets. >> it's the government's first change to nutrition guidelines in five years.
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>> it's a good thing. we need support. which goes back to the farmer also. >> . not everyone is thrilled. the american cancer society releasing this statement. the final guidelines leased today. disregard an important evidence based recommendation. that americans eat less red and processed meat.
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